Today's Letters: 'New direction' is not one to follow

Published May 21, 2007

Innocuous touch, or battery story May 11

Richard Lewis, Brookville City Council member, has always been close to God and family. He is truthful and outspoken, which often disquiets those with opposing views.

I have had more than one encounter with David Pugh Sr., who relates outrageous personal information about employees. I have advised the gentleman, repeatedly, that my only concern was not gossip, but rather the course that the city is headed for. I have appealed to his son, our present mayor, more than once - to no avail.

The incident that disturbed me most was the afternoon of Jan. 19. I returned from a reunion/vacation that same week and listened to the numerous messages on my answering machine. I called City Hall to reserve the time to listen to the tapes of that council meeting.

My friend and I were halfway through it when the agitated person in question burst in the closed door. He spoke so loudly that we had difficulty conveying just two words, "Please leave."

Later, interim City Manager Steve Baumgartner asked me if I wanted to pursue the incident. I requested a lock be put on that door to avoid future incidents.

If the events that are transpiring are a part of the "new direction, " one wonders, what will happen next?

Mary A. Staib, Brooksville

Tide turns against Wal-Mart story May 13

Democracy, not Wal-Mart, rules

Let's see, we have:

One large Wal-Mart Distribution Center near Ridge Manor.

One Wal-Mart Supercenter in Brooksville on U.S. 41.

One Wal-Mart Supercenter in Brooksville/Spring Hill on Cortez Boulevard.

One Sam's Club store in Brooksville/Spring Hill on Cortez Boulevard.

One Wal-Mart Supercenter in Spring Hill on U.S. 19.

That seems like more than enough for any given county to me. What is Wal-Mart trying to do, take over Hernando County?

Don't our commissioners and residents have the right to say, "We don't need or want another Wal-Mart store" even if our Planning and Zoning Commission approved the plan and site? The county still belongs to its residents, its voters.

The commissioners' votes can be swayed because they fear a legal suit from the applicant. What is that all about? I never heard of such ridiculousness. To avoid being sued they should vote in something they feel is wrong?

Remember, we live in a democracy and have the right to rule over our given lands. Enough said.

Rita C. De Falco, Spring Hill

Legislators please work on Citizens

To our legislators: Please arrange so that Citizens Insurance, the people's insurance company, will allow the people of Florida to insure themselves and save.

Citizens Insurance could do so by using deferred annuities, reinsurance and other practical, innovations. Please free us from mega-insurance companies.

Al and Frances Mander, Dade City

Re: As tea flows, so do veterans' wartime memories May 13 Andrew Skerritt column

Female veterans still working hard

I thank Andrew Skerritt for his column on women veterans. But, Mr. Skerritt, you don't have to look for women veterans only in nursing homes. Look around. WAVES National has an active unit for Navy women. The Women Marines has a group, as does the WACs.

Those of us who were in the Air Force (I had 24 years) wanted to start a group for WAF, but most of us are too busy with other organizations to have the extra time.

Of course, many of us are getting old, but we still have some of the younger women joining our groups. As the American Legion service officer at the New Port Richey VA Outpatient Clinic, I meet young ladies coming back from Iraq. I also see women who were in Desert Storm and other conflicts.

However, as with the men, many of the younger women don't want to join the old fogies, who, they think, do nothing but sit around and rehash old times.

Wrong, ladies. Check us out. You will find some really hard workers.

So, again, thank you, Andrew, for your column. But, don't bury us yet. We are still trying.

Kathryn L. Robinson,

New Port Richey

Services can be better allocated

I want to point out where the Hernando County Fire Rescue department is wasting funds. With the start-up of the county emergency operations center, all dispatched medical calls will have an engine accompany all rescue squads. This is the idea and planning of Assistant Chief DeFrancesco.

The waste of money is when they send an engine and crew into the High Point Retirement Community. We have and maintain a trained First Responder Squad, and are paged out for all calls as Station 31.

Members of the High Point Fire Department respond to all medical calls from all parts of our community. We reach the location of the 911 calls in less than three minutes and begin assessing the medical problem.

The nearest available rescue squad is sent in to continue treatment as an ALS unit and then transport to the nearest hospital. When the rescue squad gets there, we hand off the call to them and assist where necessary.

The waste of money is when the county sends an engine into High Point on a medical call. This ties up an additional vehicle and personnel who could be used elsewhere.

Example: On May 11, we responded to a medical call on Fairlane Avenue. We were wrapping up the call when the engine driver requested to have a pickup moved so he could get going to another call. Time, money and manpower would have been saved if the engine and its crew remained at its respective base station instead of coming into High Point on a medical call.

Robert McBride, first responder, High Point Volunteer Fire Department

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