Soaker didn't ease drought

Published May 21, 2007

MIAMI - Rain drenched parts of South Florida on Sunday, but it likely won't affect the region's drought, weather officials said.

National Weather Service officials issued several flash-flood warnings Sunday morning and one part of Miami-Dade County may have gotten up to 7 inches of rain during morning hours, according to meteorologist Brad Diehl at the National Weather Service in Miami.

However, the rain was largely along the coast instead of inland and near Lake Okeechobee, the region's primary reservoir.

"This is probably going to have very little effect on the drought, " said Bob Ebaugh of the National Weather Service in Miami. "If it were over Lake Okeechobee we'd be in a much better picture."

Rain fell heavily in the northeastern portion of the county, and the weather service got reports of flooding in some areas.

An area around Golden Beach may have received up to 7 inches of rain and North Miami Beach up to 5 inches during the period from 5 a.m. Sunday to 2 p.m., Diehl said. Other portions of the county had more than 2 inches. Roads in South Beach were also flooded, and some were closed because of the water.