Can they pick 'em or what?

By Times Staff
Published May 22, 2007

On March 13 , with 12 contestants remaining, Times staff writers Sean Daly and Sharon Fink predicted this season's American Idol finalists. Sean gushed over Jordin Sparks. Sharon swooned for Blake Lewis. With a field that included "sure things" Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones, that's nifty prognosticating. - Below is part of our original chart, with spud rating, since Idol is our favorite couch potato sport. To the right is our critics' latest trash talk. - Jordin and Blake face off at 8 tonight on WTVT-Ch. 13. The winner will be crowned on Wednesday's two-hour finale, also at 8.

SEAN: Jordin's incandescence was obvious from the start. She's cute, bubbly, talented. But more important, she has a GIANT HEAD! Seriously, that thing affects the tide. All superstars have enormous craniums. Conversely, no superstars beat-box to Bon Jovi.

SHARON: Superstars do have loyal groupies with a classic name. (Bring it home, Blaker Girls!) They have the sex appeal to make great-grandad's argyle hip. They're man enough to kiss Dad on TV. And they know that cute and bubbly is for Mouseketeers.