Today's Letters: If you use more, then pay more

Published May 22, 2007

Re: Better roads worth the cost of gasoline tax May 20 column by Jeff Webb.

We are now revisiting the issue of a gas tax increase of 3 cents per gallon.

I have written in the past concerning my approval of such an increase. But Webb said it perfectly, that those who use the roads the most should pay more.

This decision by our county commissioners should be a no-brainer.

The question is can they ignore the potential political consequences of their votes in favor of such an increase? I would like to help with this decision by providing some statistics they can use to convince those groups opposed to this increase.

I commute to St. Petersburg three days a week for employment. My round trip is 110 miles, or 330 miles for 3 days.

I do this to earn a living commensurate with my educational and professional experience, which Hernando County cannot provide me the opportunity. Still, I am willing to pay the extra 3 cents.

Hernando County population as of April 30 was 169, 499. Of this number, 61, 300 were employed.

If we eliminate the nonworking population, we are left with 72, 000 adults who are most likely retired or semiretired.

The question is: Who is most affected by this increase? The answer is: mostly those who work outside the county.

The most someone working in Hernando will be affected is about 18 cents a week, or $9 a year for 50 weeks' work.

The above calculation considers if your round trip is 30 miles per day, five days a week, and you work 50 weeks a year and your vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon.

The big question, as Webb stated, is: Do we sacrifice our roads to a nonissue for political grandstanding?

People of Hernando, get informed.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill


Respect is due officers, agencies 

Re: Law Enforcement deserves praise May 17 letter to the editor.

I certainly agree that it takes special people to wear a uniform and bear the title of law enforcement officer.

However, there are some people who are not aware of all the law enforcement agencies and/or state agencies with law enforcement divisions, who also lay their lives down every day for the community, and who need to be honored and appreciated.

I would like to give thanks not only to those law enforcement agencies listed in the aforementioned letter, but also to: Florida Fish and Wildlife, the Division of Forestry, the Fire Marshal, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Let's honor all of our local and state officers and give them the respect they all deserve.

Paulette Huffstetler, Brooksville


Some required to keep lawns up 

Re: Gorgeous lawn is an empty prize May 20 letter to the editor.

In response to Joyce Morris' comments on homeowners having a gorgeous lawn out of "some lawn-fashion trend, " I would like to remind her that many, many residents of Spring Hill live in homes that require lawns to be properly maintained and kept green, or risk fines and penalties by their homeowners associations' regulations.

Please, use both sides of your brain before condemning so many residents in Spring Hill.

Roger Colucci, Spring Hill


Listen up! Get to 'The Music Man'

After attending the May 18 performance of The Music Man at the Richey Suncoast Theatre, I would like to recommend that people of all ages rush to buy tickets. It was such a delightful musical!

Congratulations and bravo to Charlie and Marie Skelton, who produced and directed such a fine production.

Everyone in the cast was outstanding, from the youngest to the oldest.

How fortunate we are to have such talented people and a historical theater in our region.

I can't wait to see this wonderful play again before it closes on May 27.

Donna True, Port Richey


Unknown hero saved our homes

A little after 5 p.m. on May 18, neighborhood boys started a fire in the retention pond behind my home.

It rapidly spread to my two empty lots, coming within a few feet of my home as well as the home of my neighbor.

Fortunately for my neighbors and me, a good Samaritan happened to see the fire and got involved.

She not only phoned it in, but she came to the three homes in the path of the rapidly encroaching fire, alerted us to the danger, and then took hose in hand and assisted us in trying and save our property.

I did not get her name, but I wanted her to know she is my hero. I will never forget her kindness.

Because of her actions, three homes were saved, as well as the lives of at least four adults and three children.

I also want to thank the many wonderful men from Spring Hill Fire Rescue who arrived so quickly and fought to save our homes.

Without their hard work and quick action, we would all be homeless now.

They handled it with total professionalism and I can only wonder who made up "the mob" who attended the recent County Commission meeting.

I simply can't sing their praises loud enough.

Thank you, firefighters! You, too, are my heroes.

As for the boys who started the fire, I can only hope they learned a valuable lesson and I, for one, am waiting to hear your apology.

Jacque Johns, Spring Hill


Story on artists a disappointment

Re: Artistic exposure May 14 Times.

What ever happened to the paint brush? I could not believe what I was reading. I think this was outrageous.

I'm a person who believes to each his own, but what's next? A half-nude man using his penis to paint?

What ever happened to happy news? I'm disappointed in the Times.

Deborah Leder, Port Richey