Published May 23, 2007

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Clubs and Organizations

Archie Scott, longtime documentary filmmaker, recently joined the Rotary Club of Spring Hill Central.

Scott has traveled the world making films in India, Canada and the United States. He has worked in television with Paragon Cable Ch. 9, Hernando County Government Broadcasting Ch. 19 and the Canadian Broadcasting Co. in Toronto.

At the same meeting, Tom and Gigi Gerbolingo-Smith were guests of club member Bill Newell and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Rotarians. The Smiths are active members of the Filipino-American Social Club and the Retired Educators Association of New York. The meeting was at the Wellington at Seven Hills clubhouse.

                                                                                              * * *

Thanks to local volunteers, the Boys and Girls Club of Hernando County has been offering new programs, including a new musical program in which kids get free instruments and lessons on the trumpet and cornet plus a new program called "Family Virtues and Values" based on Linda Popov's book on family virtues.

Lily Carson heads up the virtues and values program, aided by Carol Newell. Bill Newell heads up the music program, with help from instructors Mike Tranchida and Jim Wise.

For information on the music program, contact Bill Newell at 683-0420. For information on the family values and virtues program, contact Lily Carson at 686-4742,

Recreation and Sports

The West Hernando Athletic Club for Seniors is a softball league for individuals over 55. The 60-game schedule runs through April. The playoffs are in May. Larry Wagner umpires all games. Dave Lowe is the commissioner.

The 2006-07 teams include: C's Pub, Elks Lodge 2582, American Legion Post 186, Moose Lodge 521, Suncoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center and Good Shepherd Medical Clinic.

On April 6, Suncoast Orthopedics won the first game over the Elks, by a score of 23-10. In the second game, the Moose lodge pulled off a squeaker over Good Shepherd, 14-13.

On the last day of the regular season, April 9, Good Shepherd defeated the Elks lodge, 31-26, and the Moose lodge beat the Elks, 12-10.

The season-ending standings were:

Moose Lodge 521: 33-15

American Legion Post 186: 30-21

C's Pub: 28-21

Suncoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center: 22-27

Good Shepherd Medical Clinic: 20-29

Elks Lodge 2582: 15-35

The league champion was Moose Lodge 521.

In the playoffs, on April 16, Good Shepherd pummeled Suncoast, 21-7, and C's Pub beat the Elks, 23-18.

On April 18, C's Pub downed the American Legion, 19-6, and the Moose lodge beat Good Shepherd 7-0 in a forfeited game.

On April 20, the Moose lodge defeated C's Pub, 20-7, and Suncoast beat the Elks, 19-12.

On April 23, Good Shepherd beat the American Legion, 19-14.

On April 25, Suncoast beat Good Shepherd 7-0 in a forfeited game.

On April 27, C's Pub pounded Suncoast, 26-11.

On April 30, C's Pub defeated the Moose lodge, 14-5. And in the last game of the playoffs, C's Pub beat the Moose lodge again, 19-17, making C's Pub the playoff champions.

For information, contact Lloyd Rogers, league secretary, at 596-7412.

Notes of Thanks

I would like to thank Dr. Luis Rodriguez and the staff of Springbrook Hospital in Brooksville. I learned a lot from all of you. I thank God for being there.

The food was good, and the patients are treated with the utmost respect. I send you back my gift of God, of course, and my hands of prayer.

I first went to Springbrook in January after I was brutally beaten, and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and severe depression. I am clean and sober and have no desire to ever look back.

My heart and soul is filled with love and peace. My God will always be there for everyone.

Isla V. Diggs

Silver Spring Shores, Ocala