At the least, it'll turn some heads

By Madhusmita Bora, Times Staff Writer
Published May 25, 2007

If you are sensitive to noise, dust and the sun, this ain't your baby.

Yet the Tango is endearing because it's tiny, has a funny "toot-toot" horn and has enough leg room to accommodate even a 6-foot spouse.

And boy, is it a head-turner.

The interior is clean with a small dashboard equipped with cup holders, a 12-volt socket and enough room to place a purse, although I wouldn't recommend it. It has a bar for steering with a speedometer, light switches and wiper control.

The positives? It looks cool, feels safe (at least on quieter roads), is stingy on gas, has a decent size trunk and is fairly easy to drive, maneuver and park.

The negatives? It's loud, a tad bumpy, doesn't go faster than 50 mph, only has room for two and partially exposes you to the elements.

The Tango is a more sophisticated version of the auto rickshaws ruling the Indian roads. You won't dig it if you are a Danica Patrick wannabe. But if you like your ride cheap, loud and roughing it out, have a modest commute or are eager to save on rising gas prices, this may be your new set of wheels.