The skinny

Published May 26, 2007



Police in Oslo, Norway, announced a campaign to crack down on pickpockets. But before it could start, thieves managed to grab the wallet of Anstein Gjengedal, the chief of police. "I didn't have much money with me, " he told Dagbladet. "But it still wasn't very nice." Gjengedal assures that he followed police advice by keeping his wallet in the inner pocket of his jacket, but these guys were good, working as a team in jostling him at an airport train.


They did dirty job to save a memory

It was dark, and somehow, Alma Coate-Wilson, 98, managed to accidentally flush her $8, 000, 1.6-carat diamond wedding ring down the toilet one night two months ago. She felt awful, and wrote to city officials in Olympia, Wash., to see if they could help her get it back. They decided to take the challenge. They sent a camera into the sewer line. Nothing. They flushed the main line. Still nothing. Then they sifted through the solid stuff with a garden hose. Bingo. "I was the happiest girl in the world, " she said. She got the ring from Gilbert Coate 39 years ago, and they were married for 23 years before he died.


Bottle of booze, cup of ice ... hmm

An Atlanta package store has taken to selling cups of ice with the liquor at its drive-through window. Maybe they don't know that people would be tempted to drink some of the liquor over the ice. But no. "These cats, they have a hard day at work, they come to the liquor store, buy a cup of ice, " employee Chris Melton told Atlanta's WSB-TV. "Most people - I'm not saying all of them - before they get home, they're gonna drink and drive." Okay, so he knows. A lot of other people figured that this wasn't a great plan, though, and officials have forced the store to quit selling the ice cups.


Carpool takes a hit over a honey bun

It makes good environmental sense to car pool. But you have to be sure that your fellow carpoolers are patient when it comes to the acquisition of their morning pastry. The Shreveport Times reports that a man injured his co-commuter on the way to work. Seems the passenger was really hungry for a honey bun, and the driver didn't stop fast enough. Police say the two men fought, with the driver sustaining an injury to his neck, probably from a knife. His injury required stitches.


$5, 000 pajamas

No one claimed the more than $5, 000 a Goodwill worker in Greenville, S.C., found in a pair of donated pajama bottoms. Kelli Owens, a 21-year-old single mother of three, turned the cash over to her bosses when she found it. Now they have decided that she gets to keep it. "I just want everybody to be proud of me - knowing that there is someone out there that is honest, " Owens told WYFF-TV. Compiled by staff writer Jim Webster from Times wire services and other sources.