Today's Letters: This councilman did the right thing

Published May 27, 2007

Re: Councilman's charges shows poor judgment May 23 editorial

1. The editorial states I was "fuming" after coming out on the short end of several votes (referring to the Brooksville City Council meeting of May 7). I do not know who was "fuming, " but it certainly was not me.

2. It is my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of the city of Brooksville. It is my responsibility to vote for what is in the best interests of all the citizens of the city. It is not about me; never has been, never will be.

3. According to the editorial, I exaggerated the circumstances out of spite for an adversary. I assure you the incident happened exactly as I reported. The editorial fails to mention letters to your paper from two other citizens concerning incidents that happened to them involving this same individual.

4. This aggressive behavior and actions toward me and other citizens has reached a point it can no longer be ignored and that is why I filed the proper complaint to law enforcement, exactly as it happened to me.

5. I assure you I will not tolerate any such actions toward me or any citizen. We as citizens pay our law enforcement officers to investigate all police complaints and citizens should be encouraged to report incidents such as this, not discouraged.

6. I did not report the incident until the following day. I went home that night upset as any reasonable person would be. I called Brooksville acting police Chief Ross on May 8. On his recommendation I agreed that the Sheriff's Office should investigate and Chief Ross contacted the Sheriff's Office.

7. The only bogus allegations made were not from me. I listed David LaCroix, the attorney for the city, as a witness to the incident, actually stating to the deputy who came to my house to write the report that the city attorney had witnessed the incident and would relate the facts as they happened to me. Well, I now know that is not what was related by him. I guess he took my attempts to terminate him personally.

8. Again, I reiterate this unfortunate incident happened to me exactly as I stated in the police report.

Richard E. Lewis, Brooksville City Council


Sheriff's words instill confidence 

Re: Why was this protest silenced? May 24 letter to the editor

I wish to express my gratitude to Sheriff Richard Nugent for taking time from his busy schedule to speak to me of my concerns about the protester arrested in Spring Hill recently. He assured me his department does not profile individuals based on race and I have no doubt of his sincerity.

I regret my suggestion that the actions of the Sheriff's Office were based on the race of Mr. Mohamed. It was foolish and poorly calculated for effect.

While my concerns for America's youth and our democracy remain, my concerns about our sheriff have been replaced with confidence in his professionalism.

Barrett Hardy, Spring Hill