Three people I'm cheering for this week

Published May 27, 2007

Three people I'm cheering for this week

1. Barry Bonds: I'm not a fan. I'm just getting bored with all the stories until he breaks the homer record.

2. LeBron James: Don't you get the feeling he will be the next Kevin Garnett? A great player surrounded by slugs?

3. The Yankees: Easy now, Red Sox Nation. I just think the summer will be more fun if the Yankees can get back into the race.

Three people I'm booing this week

1. Roger Clemens: Sorry, but this whole retire, unretire, retire, unretire thing sticks in my craw.

2. Gene Upshaw: In a verbal war with Mike Ditka over helping retired players, the head of the players union actually said, "Look, I was in the Hall of Fame before Mike Ditka." What, exactly, does that have to do with anything?

3. Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger: No reason. He's a great player. The guy just bugs me.

Three things to watch for this week

1. If the Lightning hires former Bruins coach Mike Sullivan to replace Craig Ramsay as John Tortorella's assistant.

2. Akinori Iwamura, my newest favorite Devil Ray, is scheduled to return to the lineup Monday.

3. The French Open starts today. (Actually, I'll start paying attention when Roger Federer plays Rafael Nadal.)