Dodd says U.S. can't wait for Bush to end war in Iraq

Published May 27, 2007

BARRINGTON, N.H. - Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd said Saturday the United States cannot afford to wait for President Bush's successor to end the war in Iraq.

"We really can't wait another 18 months, " the U.S. senator from Connecticut said while campaigning. "We have to have the convictions to stand up to this president."

Dodd said the war has been waged "for all the wrong reasons" and that it is eroding both the nation's security and its moral leadership.

For those reasons, he said, it was not difficult for him to vote in the Senate against continued funding for the Iraq war.

"That wasn't a courageous vote. It was the right vote to cast, " Dodd said. "I don't know how you justify the status quo."

Dodd, a vocal critic of the war in Iraq, said he won't stop suggesting ways to end the war. He was the only 2008 presidential candidate to co-sponsor the Democrats' most aggressive antiwar bill.

Other campaigning

Democrat Joe Biden on Saturday defended his vote for the war funding bill Congress approved last week.

"I will not cut funding for the troops that denies them the equipment they need to be safe, " he said during a stop in western Iowa. "The president may be prepared to play a game of political chicken with the well-being of our armed forces. I am not."

Republican John McCain said Saturday the current Iraq plan is the only decent option.

McCain said in an interview with the Associated Press that he is only focused on figuring out how to make the current military plan work. A new course, he said, won't be considered until the end of the year.

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton wants YouTube viewers to pick her campaign theme song.

In a clear appeal to young voters, a video asks viewers to vote for Clinton's presidential campaign theme song on her Web site.

The five suggested songs that got the most votes:

Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall

Rock This Country!" Shania Twain

Beautiful Day, U2

Get Ready, The Temptations

I'm a Believer, Smash Mouth

The top write-in suggestions:

Are You Gonna Go My Way, Lenny Kravitz

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, McFadden & Whitehead

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, The Police

You and I, Celine Dion

The Best, Tina Turner