Efforts to lure whales back to ocean continue

Published May 27, 2007

RIO VISTA, CALIF. - Marine experts successfully administered antibiotics to an injured whale calf Saturday afternoon and were trying to inoculate its mother. The two wayward humpback whales continued to swim up and down the Sacramento River on Saturday, where hundreds of spectators armed with cameras and binoculars lined the riverbanks hoping to catch a glimpse. The lead veterinarian who has been monitoring the whales' health reported Friday that tissue along the edges of their wounds - which could be the result of a boat propeller - was becoming necrotic because of the prolonged exposure to fresh water. The whales, dubbed Delta and Dawn, were first spotted in the Delta waters on May 13.


Flattened town's mayor resigns

GREENSBURG, Kan. - The mayor of this tiny town that was all but destroyed by a tornado this month has resigned, saying he needs to focus on his family and isn't the leader Greensburg needs right now. However, the City Council has yet to accept Mayor Lonnie McCollum's resignation and is considering him on sabbatical for now, said council President John Janssen, who would replace McCollum. The council will take up the issue Wednesday. McCollum, 62, said he won't reconsider. He said he resigned because he's not very tolerant of different views of how Greensburg should rebuild, something he sees as a roadblock during recovery.