Generals name new adviser on security

Published May 27, 2007

THAILAND - Frustrated by their inability to pacify a Muslim insurgency and concerned about rising impatience toward their rule, Thailand's generals have named a former commando and self-described assassin as their top security adviser. "The way to solve the problem in the south is to get the people on your side, " Pallop Pinmanee, a retired general, said in an interview last week after being named to the post. But if the violence persists, the military should carry out "search and destroy" missions, he said. "If we cannot make them surrender ... we have to destroy them."


Up to 200 arrested at youth meeting

ZIMBABWE - Scores of armed police officers raided the Harare headquarters of Zimbabwe's political opposition on Saturday as a youth organization was meeting, arresting as many as 200 people and wrecking some offices, opposition officials and news reports said. The arrested, mostly members of the Youth Assembly of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, were taken to a police station. A human rights lawyer, Alec Muchadehama, said the police refused to grant access to the prisoners and would not disclose charges.


Netherlands: About 25, 000 asylum-seekers whose applications for refuge were rejected will be allowed to stay, the newly installed Dutch government said Saturday, reversing the previous administration's hard-line immigration policy.

Afghanistan: An explosion during a fight with Taliban militants killed a British soldier in southern Afghanistan Saturday, officials said.

Austria: The world's oldest commercially produced camera - built in 1839 in the early days of photography - was auctioned off Saturday for $792, 333, the auction house WestLicht said. The camera is a Daguerreotype by Susse Freres of France.

Britain: A Muslim cleric named by the British government as a key influence on one of four men who carried out the deadly London transport bombings in 2005 was deported to Jamaica Friday after being released from prison. Abdullah el-Faisal, a Jamaican-born convert to Islam, is barred from re-entering Britain.