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Published May 28, 2007

Standing By

The hubby is off to war. Jan Wesner is battling at home. Wesner writes about her reflections on military life and those who serve our country. She wants to know: Should we lower the flag to half-staff when a service member from our state is killed in combat? Log on to blogs.tampabay.com/standingby to weigh in.

Top 5 stories

1. Plane crash. 2 doctors die in plane crash.

2. Avoiding foreclosure. They'll buy your home - cheap.

3. Shameless. Mugger stoops to kicking blind.

4. The Buzz. Can Mike Huckabee win?

5. Stuck in the '80s. Standing up for other '80s fans.

Today's poll

If the state rewarded students for passing the FCAT, how much should it offer?

Yesterday's question: Local property values are returning to earth after several years of huge gains. What's the best investment these days? Results: Despite the cooling market, 40% of voters still said real estate, with stocks/mutual funds (36%) a close second and CDs (23%) coming in last.

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