Today's Letters: County should live within budget

Published May 28, 2007

I read with disbelief that a county administrative staff position that has been vacant for seven years is being filled after all this time. The citizens of this state and county are crying out for property tax relief and most other counties are putting on a hiring freeze in anticipation of budget cuts. Pasco County is behind the curve in response to citizens' demands for lowering property taxes.

The entire scenario is like cleaning up a room and putting its contents in a box on a shelf in the garage. If after seven years that box is still sitting in the garage, experts say to throw it out. If you did not need anything in that box for seven years then it was completely unnecessary. So, too, with this position what was not needed for seven years.

If anyone in the taxing authorities dares to whine and cry that they have to make drastic cuts in fire and police services, let's remind them that they filled this unnecessary position (and undoubtedly many others) to the tune of $125, 000. This should have been a starting point for the many necessary cuts that they will have to make in response to reducing property taxes.

In addition, our tax money is being used to send two of our commissioners on a workshop to Sea World where among other things they will be feted by "family night, " golf outings and a "death by chocolate" reception. So much for the diet that local governments are supposed to follow.

My suggestion is to get down to the business of saving money that the taxpayers of this county demand. They had better start thinking outside the box.

Patricia Monte, Hudson

Weather Channel is needed for all

Of all the ideas about what is needed to save lives, I would think having the Weather Channel on basic cable television would benefit us all. We are really at the mercy of others to tell us what's happening.

We've gotten so jaded, especially Florida natives, that we pay little attention to what others think and say. Let me see, and I'll decide between what I see and they say. I'm sure there would be less panic, traffic, etc.

Being born in St. Petersburg, we were told if you wanted to see if it was raining, look up. Ignorance is not bliss.

Linda Kirkwood, Spring Hill

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