Mock draft of the day

By tom jones
Published May 28, 2007

Mock draft of the day

With the NBA draft set for June 28, Sports Illustrated has come out with its mock draft and it has three Gators going in a row: Al Horford with the fourth pick to Memphis, Corey Brewer going fifth to Boston and Joakim Noah going sixth to Milwaukee. Florida State's Al Thornton is slated to go 12th to Philadelphia.


Dumb states of the day

With all the talk about Michael Vick and dogfighting, the news stories keep saying how dogfighting is a felony in 48 states. So what are the two states where dogfighting is only a misdemeanor? Wyoming and Idaho.


Law & Order

An 81-year-old Texas woman pleaded guilty to trying to extort $2-million from Hall of Fame QB Bart Starr. Ruby Y. Young received a probated sentence and agreed to not have any contact with Starr, 73, or his family. Young was accused of mailing letters threatening to damage Starr's reputation if he did not pay her hush money. She claims they had a relationship 50 years ago, a claim Starr denies.