Today's Letters: Don't rap teacher over FCAT help

Published May 29, 2007

Why don't they just burn her at the stake?

With all due respect to the officials of the Pasco County School District, it would be a travesty to discipline an honored special education teacher of 20 years.

Having had a child go through the special education program, all the procedural accommodations offered by Ms. Heggaton to her students seem to ring a bell as these were promised to our child also, but not in the FCAT environment. At the time, a special education student could take an alternate type of test more appropriate to their level of understanding.

I would respectfully remind them that dedicated teachers - especially special education teachers - are hard to come by, and that there is the letter of the law and then there is the spirit of the law.

Florida has a horrible standing nationwide in education. Do we think that losing an experienced special education teacher for a so-called illegal prompting on the FCAT will improve it?

Aldo Boselli, New Port Richey


Lennar steps up; others should, too

We are distressed by the mischaracterizations and statements contained in the May 20 Times article and May 22 Times editorial. Contrary to these articles, Lennar does not have a present obligation to construct any portion of Sunlake Boulevard. Lennar's obligations arise in the future and subsequent to the obligations of other companies. Please allow us to provide the facts and set the record straight.

To date, we have met our obligation by working with the county to dedicate portions of Sunlake Boulevard in a timely manner. We have also expended considerable time, effort and money designing and permitting Sunlake Boulevard.

In fact, Lennar expedited the design and permitting of a portion of Sunlake Boulevard near the school site when we learned that the School Board had decided to open the school a year early, in fall of 2007. In reality, four developers have obligations related to the construction of Sunlake Boulevard.

The May 20 article referenced an agreement between the School Board and E&D Land II LLC that involved the completion of road improvements to serve the school site. However, Lennar has no legal relationship with E&D Land II LLC and is not a party to that agreement.

These are the facts regarding the design and construction obligations of Sunlake Boulevard. Regardless, this doesn't solve the school's need for a temporary access road in time for its opening this fall.

We will ask the other developers to join us in contributing to the $270, 000 for the cost of constructing the temporary road the School Board has proposed for access.

That would allow more time to work out a permanent solution while allowing the school to open as planned.

We are confident that the other developers will join us in funding the proposed temporary access road. But if they don't, to support the community, Lennar will take care of the cost of construction. We understand that a public statement of this nature is not the best negotiating position to get other companies to help fund this project.

But we believe that companies doing business in this area should do what is right and what is fair for the community.

Ken Wagner, division president, Lennar Homes


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