Talk of the day: Good heavens! Falwell items are hot on eBay

Published May 31, 2007

Hundreds of items related to the Rev. Jerry Falwell have been put up for sale on eBay since the televangelist's death two weeks ago, including an autographed bobblehead doll that went for $145. An autographed 1978 Bible that the seller said was given to contributors to Falwell's Liberty University early in its construction sold for about $90. The online auctions, which include other signed items including books and photos, follow the trend of selling memorabilia of people and events in the worldwide spotlight. The creation of the bobblehead dolls was a "great gesture, " said David Campbell, curator of the Jerry Falwell Museum. "It was very good. Someone did a great job, " he said. Originally sold in 2004 for $10 unsigned and $50 signed, the figures are still available for sale, Liberty University's athletic department said.

Sony's offer for music catalog a hit

Sony Corp. of America agreed Wednesday to buy Famous Music LLC, a Viacom Corp. music catalog that includes Silver Bells, Moon River and a series of well-known movie scores including the one from The Godfather. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Famous Music, with 125, 000 songs and sound cues, was its only property in the music business. Famous Music's roster of songwriters includes Shakira, Akon and Linda Perry, who has written for Pink, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and others. Through its Extreme division, Famous Music also supplies recordings and musical compositions for use in television and radio advertisements, film and television productions, trailers, and major network and cable broadcast promos.

Missing Rockwells consume Coke

The Coca-Cola Co. wants the real thing - in this case, three rare Norman Rockwell paintings. The beverage company is searching for missing one-of-a-kind oil paintings that it commissioned from the Americana master more than 74 years ago. The paintings were likely lost over time because they were used to create magazine and poster advertisements in an age when Coke employees wouldn't have thought to hold on to them once the ads ran. For years, Coca-Cola has tried to solve the mystery of what happened to the missing Rockwells. The works are:

- The Old Oaken Bucket, 1932, which depicts a boy sitting on a well with a small wooden barrel of Coke bottles in his lap.

- Wholesome Refreshment, 1928, a sepia tone magazine ad made for the Saturday Evening Post that depicts a smiling young man lounging with a Coke while well-dressed adults, circa 1920, are playing with children.

- Office Boy - 4 p.m. - The Pause That Refreshes, 1930, depicting a smiling boy in a suit and tie carrying a tray of two bottles of Coke and two glasses and opening a door marked "Vice President."