Heiress book bounces Paris

Published May 31, 2007

While Lindsay Lohan languishes in rehab, Paris Hilton gets ready for her 23-day stint in the cooler. And not only is she getting dropped by her friends (the glossy rags say she's being abandoned faster than the Titanic), she's been kicked out of a new book called Inheriting Beauty, the New York Post says. It's a photobook by snapper Roger Moenks that features famous heiresses such as Roberta Armani, Dylan Lauren, Allegra Hicks, Nadja Swarovski and Casey Johnson. Moenks was going to keep Hilton, but he and his editors "bounced Paris by unanimous vote, " his agent Marianne Strong said.

Jail revs up for celebutant's stay

Paris Hilton's cell mate has already been selected, celebrity Web site TMZ.com says. Officials at the jail where Hilton will be incarcerated have picked an inmate who is doing time for reckless driving. They wanted someone they think will not try to cash in on Hilton's stay, the site says, which makes them either extremely optimistic or extremely naive. Jail officials also have sent out a staff memo saying that anyone who takes pictures of Hilton will be disciplined and that a "written protocol" has been prepared especially for her stay, detailing "when and how things should be done for her, " TMZ says.

Believe: No Doubt may be back

Gwen Stefani has been saying there may be a return in store for No Doubt, and thanks to JustNoDoubt.net, there's more reason to believe the band that made her a star will return. The band's official forum says the quartet has recorded more than a dozen demos for a new album, and bass player (and ex-boyfriend) Tony Kanal has joined Gwen on tour to work on the tunes.

They get the joke, they just hate it

As much as those people in Kazakhstan say they really do know that Borat was a joke, they still don't seem to have gotten it. Miss Kazakhstan said her country is preparing its own movie in response to the hit comedy that portrayed the Central Asian nation as bigoted and backward. Gauhkar Rakhmetalieva, who was in the Miss Universe pageant, said her government is filming the movie to show the nation's positive sides. But, she said in an Associated Press story, Borat brought the country much-needed publicity and "in the end, we have to understand that it was only a joke."