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Published May 31, 2007

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The Hit List

These stories attracted your attention Wednesday:

1. Confession, then suicide: John Winter's turmoil before death.

2. The Buzz: 'Christ in Jerusalem, ' said the Jerusalem Post.

3. This Just In: Judge rules on Dukes, Sarasota rules out Stanton.

4. Late teacher's obsession: 'Morphed' porn found on computer.

5. Renters beware: What if your landlord can't pay the mortgage?

Vote early, often

Today's question: Some jobs are spiritually challenging (we don't have enough room here), but which of these jobs is the most physically daunting?

Wednesday's results: We'll need a runoff in the daredevil election: parasail, 31 percent; bungee, 27; scuba dive, 25.

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