Lawmakers ask Crist to investigate FCAT flub

Published May 31, 2007

State House Democrats Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, Shelley Vana and Keith Fitzgerald have asked Gov. Charlie Crist in a letter Wednesday to investigate a slew of issues surrounding the recently admitted FCAT flub, including whether any laws were broken.

The test in question was last year's third-grade reading test - and state law requires that students who score at the lowest level on that test be held back in third grade unless they can show through a portfolio or some other means that they're proficient in reading.

Because of the Education Department's blunder - which will result in the rescoring of 200, 000 tests - it's likely that at least some kids were promoted when they shouldn't have been.

In their letter, the Democrats credited the Education Department for "disclosing the mistake and taking action to help avoid similar problems on future Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests. But they also remain concerned that "it took the DOE a year to discover the scoring discrepancies after questions were initially raised."