The skinny

Published May 31, 2007



Roger Baxter of Aurora, Colo., came home from getting a haircut to find an armed intruder in his house. "He kept coming toward me and he got within 5 foot of me and that's when I hauled off and hit him with one of my crutches." Oh, Baxter has crutches because he lost his right leg in October when he was hit by a semitrailer truck. That just irritated the robber, who took a shot. But the bullet hit Baxter, 67, right in the cell phone, which slowed the bullet enough to prevent major damage. "I just got it programmed, " Baxter said wistfully. "I went head to head against a semi back in October and today I went up against a 9mm. I'm just a tough old bird."


Okay, the solid gold tub was just here

It's not unusual for hotel guests to make off with pens. Hotels are okay with that. They get cranky when you take the towels home. But you really need to leave the bathtub. A worker at the Kominato Hotel Mikazuki in Kamogawa, south of Tokyo, couldn't help but notice a community tub on the 10th floor was missing. You always notice the tub, because it is made of solid gold and is worth nearly $1-million. "We have no witness information and there are no videocameras, " said a police spokesman. "We have no idea who took it."


Australian gay bar hits slippery slope

A gay bar in Melbourne, Australia, has a court order that allows it to keep heterosexuals out. According the Herald Sun of Australia, Collingwood's Peel Hotel argued that barring heterosexuals would prevent "sexually based insults and violence." Also, some straight women were apparently coming to the club to watch gay men as a form of entertainment, making them feel like "zoo animals." "Those heterosexuals have other places to go to, my homosexuals do not, " said the club's manager, Tom McFeely.


Sexy traffic stop

James Randy Moss, the former Tennessee trooper accused of accepting sexual favors from an adult film performer during a traffic stop, will be allowed to resign instead of being fired. He also will not be charged for throwing out the "happy pills" of Barbie Cummings. Moss' attorney, Jack Lowery said Moss did what many law enforcement officers do when they find small amounts of drugs or alcohol. "It's like catching a kid with beer - 'I'm going to make you pour it out. I'm not going to charge you with it, ' " he said. Prosecutors haven't ruled out the possibility of other charges against him.

Compiled by staff writer Jim Webster from Times wire services and other sources.