USF will set up in Singapore

Published June 7, 2007

TAMPA - Talk about distance education.

Faculty from the University of South Florida College of Business this fall will travel more than 10, 000 miles to Singapore, where the business school is launching its first overseas bachelor's degree program.

The move is a partnership between USF, the China-based Center for American Education and Broward Community College, which launched its associate business degree program in Singapore about two decades ago.

With the initiative, USF joins the ranks of top U.S. business colleges that have established bachelor's and master's degree programs in booming foreign countries like China and Japan.

Moreover, the degree program allows USF students and faculty based in the bay area to get the kind of firsthand experience they cannot glean from a textbook.

"There's a lot of business opportunity and growth now. A lot of the activity is in that part of the world, " said marketing professor Anand Kumar, who will teach one of the first courses this fall. "To be based in the other country and teach there, to see the emotion in the local culture and gain familiarity with the local business norms, is going to help in terms of what you can bring to the classroom here."

Students here and Singapore can apply for the classes, which begin in August. USF students, who would need a valid passport to travel to Singapore, will pay Florida tuition rates. Already, USF has a dozen applications from Singapore students, who pay rates set by the Center for American Education.

USF professors will travel to Singapore to teach nearly two-thirds of the courses.