Got a minute?

J.P. Howell

Published June 10, 2007

Favorite food? Homemade beef tacos, man. My sister can make them, and my uncle. They've got me hooked on them. They just taste so good.

Can't-miss karaoke? I would say Creedence Clearwater (Revival). I know a lot of that because my mom listens to that stuff. Growing up I memorized it, that "I see the red moon rising" song. (Actual name: Bad Moon Rising)

Must-see TV? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, from way back when, but I still watch it. I see every episode.

First car? '87 Silverado. Midnight blue. It was chromed out. It was beautiful, but my old man wrecked it.

Dream date? There's a few on that one. I'll say that brown-haired chick on That '70s Show (Mila Kunis). No one says her, but she is fine as hell. And I want her to act like she does on the show, not in real life, like on the show.