Orlando's one cool dad-to-be

By By Dalia Wheatt
Published June 15, 2007

Until recently, Orlando Davis thought a diaper bag was a tote for dirty Pampers.

Why would anyone buy a designer diaper bag? he wondered.

Now he gets it.

The host of Wild 98.7-FM's Orlando and the Freak Show is going to be a dad.

Orlando, 35, and his wife, Jennifer Davis, 23, are expecting a baby girl Sept. 21. Last winter they'd suspected Jen was preggers, and before they could get to a doctor, Orlando said "Star Goddess" Janet Sciales, who does astrology on his radio show, confirmed the pregnancy.

The couple eloped Jan. 24 and held a wedding ceremony May 12 at the Renaissance Vinoy in St. Pete.

Orlando said he's ready to settle into family life. He's begun landscaping the yard at his Tampa house and will turn his home office into a nursery. In preparation for his first Father's Day as a dad-to-be, Orlando chatted with tbt*. Here are the excerpts.

What's the strangest craving your wife has had?

Sandwiches. Sandwiches. Just sandwiches. "Want something to eat?" "I want a sandwich. Just a good sandwich." I've learned how to become a sandwich artist like I work at Subway. And she's taught me how to make paninis and all this other stuff. She has all kinds of different sandwiches. And there has to be a big, huge kosher pickle with it.

Have you had any sympathy cravings?

I haven't had any cravings. But ... I usually can work through the whole day without going (to the bathroom), and for some reason - I know this is really intricate interview stuff - now the second trimester, I ended up going to the restroom like 10 times a day. I was like, "Am I getting this from her?"

Did seeing the movie Knocked Up make you more or less anxious about the birth?

I'm (eager) about my child being here. And I'm (eager) about the fatherly and family aspect of it. But I am not (eager) about being in that room, especially after seeing Knocked Up, 'cause that whole crowning thing has literally given me nightmares.

Do you talk to the baby?

I do.

What do you say?

According to the numerous books that I've been forced to read, they say the voice is very soothing and then recognizable as a soothing thing when the baby is out. So obviously inside they're able to hear a little muffled version of my voice. So I talk to her and tell her different things about the day or sometimes sing to her belly or things of that nature. That's really sappy. You're really messing up my reputation here.

After the baby is born, what will you play in the nursery?

There's a Web site that a friend of mine gave me that's a lot of the hit records that are done as nursery rhymes - nursery music with a lot of the cymbals and timpani kind of sounds, so you have everything from Beck to Nirvana to a lot of Dave Matthews, Korn. Just hard-edge stuff written as baby nursery music.

What's the best piece of advice your dad has given you about fatherhood?

Don't suffocate the kid. Let my child grow the way he let me experience things and let them fall down. Be there to pick them up, but let them experience things and realize it's not that bad.

How will you make the diaper bag sexy?

As far as making it cool, I don't think it's gonna be cool in any aspect. My answer is, I think that a dad actually carrying a diaper bag - that is actually rockin' with the shoes that he's wearing - that he's actually taking care of his daughter is the coolest thing. ... So you could be walking with a Publix plastic bag as a diaper bag. As long as you're there and taking your responsibility, then you probably are the coolest dad around.