John McClane returns for 'Diehard'

By Steve Persall, Times Film Critic
Published June 21, 2007

Yippie-ki-ay, Bruce Willis lovers. The man finally shook off the embarrassment of Die Hard With a Vengeance and made a fourth movie as supercop John McClane.

Live Free or Die Hard is rated PG-13 after the violence and profanity of previous adventures earned R ratings. Whether that means a kinder, gentler McClane (boo!) or cultural desensitization can't be judged yet; an advance screening was too late for Weekend.

This time, the deadly detective uncovers a terrorist plot to disrupt the computer systems keeping the U.S. economy humming. If he can stop the scheme, this weekend's box office totals will be saved. McClane chose a smart ally, a hacker played by Justin Long, the guy who pitches Mac computers in commercials.

A review of Live Free or Die Hard will be published Wednesday on Page 2B.