Captain's Corner

By Jim Huddleston
Published June 24, 2007

What's hot: The snook bite has been great when low light conditions allow anglers to disguise their presentation and take advantage of the snook's strong appetite in the morning. The water is cooler, which makes the fish move more while searching for a meal. Sardines have been the best bait while freelined and swimming naturally in the current. There is an abundance of male snook crashing into the pods of glass minnows that are prevalent along the swash channels parallel to the sandy shoreline. The smallest greenback in the livewell work best when tossed into clouds of bait. A 25-pound fluorocarbon leader is heavy enough if there is a 20-pound female mixed with the males. Back the drag off the reel, as there isn't anything that can cut the line. Anglers need to fight these fish quickly to the boat so revival time is minimum and the fish survive the Florida heat.

Tactics: Snook are weary of what is around while on the clear Pinellas County beaches. Along with lighter leader material, a 1 or 2 hook is a good match. Making long casts and using the wind to increase distance will convince these linesiders to chew.

Jim Huddleston charters out of Tampa, Palm Harbor and Clearwater and can be reached at 727 439-9017 or at jim@captainhud.com.