A new Malio's, momcations and giant squid sex

Published June 25, 2007

Ever since The Punisher producers put a fictitious restaurant in the "beer can," I've argued a real life night spot could succeed in Tampa's most famous cylindrical building.

As the new Malio's wrapped up its first week Friday, I didn't see anything to convince me I was wrong. Soon as I stepped inside, I could hear the roar of people enjoying a good happy hour.

A bottle of Heineken seemed steep at $5.62, but entrees seemed reasonable.

Plus, you can't underestimate the legendary Malio's name. I met one patron who had driven all the way from New Port Richey because of his fondness for Malio Iavarone's original establishment, which sat on Dale Mabry Highway for 37 years. ...

Here's another chance for 15 minutes of fame. Home and Garden Television wants to find Tampa Bay home buyers for its show House Hunters, especially those seeking million-dollar homes and beachfront houses.

Of course, in this buyers' market, I can think of a show that would play better: home sellers pulling their hair out as they knock $10,000 off the asking price. Go to www.hgtv.com for more information. ...

Mote Marine Laboratory hosted a cephalopod seminar Sunday. That's octopus, squid and cuttlefish for those not astute in marine biology terms. The forum included this session: Giant Squid, Whales, Sex and Conservation. That sounds like one Squidward would really enjoy. ...

The folks at www.imin.com say there's a new trend: momcations, where groups of beleaguered moms vacation together without the husband and kids.

New trend? My wife has been trying to get away from me for years.

That's all I'm saying.