Published June 28, 2007


The blogosphere is all atwitter at the latest round of Beyonce apparently stealing other people's ideas. The singer has been accused before of stealing looks and imagery, but never before was it so apparent as it was Tuesday night, when she kicked off her number at the BET Awards by stepping out of a metallic robo-suit straight from an anime cartoon. Bloggers point out Kylie Minogue (if you're wondering, she's like the Beyonce of Australia) did the same thing back in 2002 on her Fever tour. Watch both performances at blogs.tampabay.com/juice. Kylie remained stationary (opting for some half-hearted robot-arm action near the end); Beyonce jumped out of her shell for a quick Lord of the Dance-inspired skipping and shuffling.

Madonna, buddies snub Jackson

The New York Post says Madonna showed up at trendfest Butter on Monday night with Shakira and met up with Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Penelope Cruz. And they all proceeded to snub Janet Jackson, a few booths over. Jackson was not invited to join Madonna's crew, the tabloid says. It's not like Madonna couldn't have shared: The Post says she and her buddies drank seven bottles of champagne and "a ton of beer."

Big screen bits

- Al Pacino and Robert De Niro may be joined in their latest film venture, Righteous Kill, by rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, the Hollywood Reporter says. Cent will play a drug dealer, which is a real stretch for him, we're sure.

- Shia LaBeouf may reunite with Disturbia directorial cohort D.J. Caruso for Eagle Eye, about a slacker and a single mother framed as terrorists, Reuters reports.

- Hugh Hefner's Playboy exploits will be coming to the big screen, courtesy of director Brett Ratner and producer Brian Grazer, Variety says. There might be a little nudity involved.

Voldemort finds love at last?

Spies for the New York Post spotted Ellen Barkin at the Mercer Hotel with a new boy-toy, "holding hands and cuddling before going up to his room." Who is the mystery man? Ralph Fiennes, who, depending on your taste, is either a Tony-winning stage actor, some movie guy or Lord Voldemort.