Divatized by Indashio!

By Dalia Wheatt
Published June 29, 2007

Indashio's fashion show

Check out his To Die For collection at 8 p.m. Saturday at Centro Asturiano de Tampa, 1913 Nebraska Ave., Tampa, (813) 229-2214. Tickets are $20.

* * *

"What does 'Indashio' mean?"

"It means living a dream."

"What language is that?"

"Mine. I made it up."

Welcome to the fabulous world of Indashio. The fashion designer, known at family reunions as Brad Batory, 22, started a clothing line in 2003 and has showcased at fashion weeks in New York, L.A. and Miami. He also appeared on Season 1 of MTV's Top Model-esque 8th and Ocean. The western Massachusetts native lives in Harlem, N.Y., but he's set his sights on Tampa Bay because of younger sister and Clearwater resident Ciara Batory ("my Donatella").

Indashio has styled Nicky Hilton, Vanessa Carlton, Amerie, Lil' Kim, Keith Richards' daughter Theodora ... and now me.

We met up for an interview at Revolve Clothing Exchange in Ybor City. Makeover mayhem ensued.

Hint: Click 'captions' to see Dalia and Indashio's take on the makeovers.