Last week in Iraq

Published July 1, 2007


- A suicide bomber slipped into a busy Baghdad hotel Monday and blew himself up in the midst of a gathering of U.S.-allied tribal sheiks, undermining efforts to forge a front against the extremists of al-Qaida in Iraq. Four of the tribal chiefs were among the 13 victims, police said. An al-Qaida front group, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed responsibility Tuesday on an Islamist Web site.

- At least 41 Iraqis were killed or found dead nationwide Tuesday.

- At least 60 Iraqis were killed or found dead Wednesday.

- A car bomb exploded Thursday at a bus station in a mostly Shiite west Baghdad neighborhood, killing 22 people. Officials received word that 20 decapitated bodies had been found near the capital but were unable to confirm the report because of fighting. The U.S. military said Saturday that the report was false and may have been fabricated by insurgents aiming to incite violence and revenge killings.


- Two Republican senators previously reluctant to challenge President Bush on the war announced last week that they could no longer support the deployment of 157, 000 troops and asked the president to begin bringing them home. Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio sent a letter to President Bush on Tuesday, the day after Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana said in a floor speech that Bush's strategy was not working.


- Army Brig. Gen. Dana Pittard, who last week ended his tour as day-to-day head of the effort to train Iraqi army soldiers, police, national police, border guards and other security workers, predicted Monday it will still be years before Iraqi forces are capable of securing the country by themselves.

- Ali Hassan al-Majid, dubbed "Chemical Ali" for his role in the gassing of tens of thousands of Kurds in 1987-88, was convicted of genocide June 24 and sentenced to death by hanging, the seventh associate of former President Saddam Hussein to face the gallows. Majid was one of six defendants remaining from the al-Anfal trial. The seventh, Hussein, was hanged in December after being convicted in connection with a separate 1980s massacre against Shiite victims in the city of Dujail. Hussein's execution left Majid, his cousin, the most infamous of the al-Anfal defendants. The others were Hussein Rashid Mohammed, Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai, Sabir al-Douri, Farhan Mutlaq Saleh and Taher Tawfiq al-Ani.

- Iraqi commandos raided the home of a Sunni Cabinet member Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest, outraging Sunni politicians. Culture Minister Asad Kamal al-Hashimi is accused of masterminding the attempted assassination of a secular politician in 2005 that killed two of the politician's sons. Hashimi, the first serving Cabinet minister to face arrest, was not home at the time of the raid and apparently is in hiding.


As of Saturday, 3, 577 U.S. troops have died in Iraq. Identifications as reported by the U.S. military and not previously published:

- Army Pfc. Daniel J. Agami, 25, Coconut Creek; explosive June 21; Baghdad.

- Army Pfc. David J. Bentz III, 20, Newfield, N.J.; explosive June 20; Baghdad.

- Army Maj. Sid W. Brookshire, 36, Missouri; explosive June 20; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. William E. Brown, 25, Phil Campbell, Ala.; indirect fire June 23; Taji.

- Army Pfc. Henry G. Byrd III, 20, Veguita, N.M.; June 24 from a noncombat-related illness contracted June 18.

- Army Spc. Derek A. Calhoun, 23, Oklahoma City; explosion June 23; Taji.

- Army Spc. Joe G. Charfauros Jr., 33, Rota, Mariana Islands; explosive June 20; Baghdad.

- Army Pfc. Andre Craig Jr., 24, New Haven, Conn.; explosion Monday; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Joel A. Dahl, 21, Los Lunas, N.M.; small-arms fire June 23; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Chris Davis, 35, Lubbock, Texas; explosion and small-arms fire June 23; Baghdad.

- Marine Cpl. Derek C. Dixon, 20, Riverside, Ohio; combat operations Tuesday; Anbar province.

- Army Spc. Carter A. Gamble Jr., 24, Brownstown, Ind.; small-arms fire June 24; Duraiya.

- Army Pfc. Anthony D. Hebert, 19, Lake City, Minn.; explosive June 21; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Joel A. House, 22, Lee, Maine; explosion June 23; Taji.

- Army Staff Sgt. Darren P. Hubbell, 38, Tifton, Ga.; explosive June 20; Baghdad.

- Army Spc. Joseph P. Kenny, 20, Veneta, Ore.; noncombat incident June 23; Mosul.

- Army Pfc. Thomas R. Leemhuis, 23, Binger, Okla.; explosive June 21; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Jimy M. Malone, 23, Wills Point, Texas; explosion June 23; Taji.

- Army Sgt. Alphonso J. Montenegro II, 22, Far Rockaway, N.Y.; explosive June 21; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Michael J. Montpetit, 31, Honolulu; noncombat incident June 22; Baghdad.

- Army Staff Sgt. Michael D. Moody Jr., 31, Richmond, Va.; explosion and small-arms fire June 23; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Trista L. Moretti, 27, South Plainfield, N.J.; indirect fire Monday; Nasir Lafitah.

- Air Force Airman 1st Class Jason D. Nathan, 22, Macon, Ga.; explosive June 23.

- Army Staff Sgt. Daniel A. Newsome, 27, Chicopee, Mass.; explosion Wednesday; Baghdad.

- Army Spc. Eric C. Palmer, 21, Maize, Kan.; June 24 of wounds from small-arms fire June 21; Bayji.

- Army 1st Lt. Daniel P. Riordan, 24, St. Louis; explosion June 23; Taji.

- Army Spc. Dominic N. Rodriguez, 23, Klamath Falls, Ore.; noncombat incident June 22; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. Frank M. Sandoval, 27, Yuma, Ariz.; June 18 in Palo Alto, Calif., of wounds sustained from small-arms fire in Tikrit on Nov. 28, 2005.

- Army Pvt. Shane M. Stinson, 23, Fullerton, Calif.; explosion and small-arms fire June 23; Baghdad.

- Army Pfc. Jerimiah J. Veitch, 21, Dibble, Okla.; rocket-propelled grenade June 21; Baghdad.

- Army Sgt. 1st Class Nathan L. Winder, 32, Blanding, Utah; small-arms fire Tuesday; Diwaniyah.

- Army Sgt. Ryan M. Wood, 22, Oklahoma City; explosive June 21; Baghdad.