Developer wants to drop required turn lanes

Published July 6, 2007

Ruskin: As it has done countless times, the County Commission approved a rezoning in 2006 that required the developer to build two turn lanes to handle increased traffic. Now the developer, Belmont Glen, is asking to modify its planned development zoning, removing the turn lane requirement and moving the entrance to the 19-acre development at 2005 SE Sixth St.

The developer cites a Public Works analysis to argue that the required turn lanes won't fit the available space. The property is on the northwest corner of SE Sixth Street and SE 21st Avenue, with frontage on both streets.

Belmont Glen wants to move the entrance to SE 21st Avenue and is asking commissioners to drop a requirement for left-turn lanes at SE Sixth Street and off SE 21st Avenue.

The developer won rezoning for up to 75 houses but has since discovered that only 68 units will fit on the site. The request to modify the zoning goes to the County Commission on July 24. Petition 07-1436


Ruskin: Manatee Bay Associates, which won rezoning on appeal after the County Commission initially rejected the proposal, is asking commissioners for permission to move units around within a planned development next to the Little Manatee River.

Plans for a "neotraditional" community called Riverton stalled in March 2006 when commissioners, by a 4-3 vote, denied a zoning request for 360 units south of Shell Point Road.

The developer appealed in August, dropping the proposed units to 327 and saying that the denial was an unfair burden. Commissioners reversed their vote and approved planned development zoning on land northeast of NW 32nd Street and Shell Point Road.

The original deal included a land swap with the county, with the developer handing over 78 acres of environmentally sensitive land in exchange for 13 acres formerly used for a sewage lift station. Manatee Bay Associates would be able to build up to 40 condominiums on the 13-acre parcel.

The land swap was suspended after the denial in 2006, but put back on the table before the appeal in August. In the current request, which goes to commissioners on July 24, the developer would be allowed to move 26 units from the 13-acre parcel and onto the adjacent piece of land. Petition 07-1430

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