Tuition changes include revamped prepaid plan

By Helen Huntley
Published July 8, 2007

The Florida Prepaid College Plan will roll out a new purchase option this fall, responding to the legislature's decision to allow some universities to charge higher tuition than others.

Three universities - Florida, Florida State and South Florida - now have the right to raise tuition rates until they are as much as 40 percent higher than the other state universities.

If you already have a prepaid contract, you don't have to worry; your tuition will be covered in full no matter which of the state universities you attend. However, those who enroll in the program in the future will need to buy a "tuition differential fee plan" if they want a plan that covers the extra cost at those three universities.

Pricing for the new plan has not been determined. The next enrollment period begins in October. If you buy the new plan but end up attending a lower-tuition university, you'll get a refund with interest.