Five big stories of the week

By Times Staff
Published July 8, 2007

1. Chinese products draw more fire

Add some locally defective fireworks and heavy metals in food to the list of problematic products exported from China.

WHAT IT MEANS: Pet food, fish, toothpaste, toy trains. The growing list of recalled or questionable Chinese exports could have long-term ramifications on trade.


2. Video chain fights for survival

Movie Gallery, parent of Hollywood Video, defaults on its $750-million short-term debt.

WHAT IT MEANS: The second-biggest video rental chain has been hit hard by movies-on-demand and mail-order services offered by rivals. Store closings are possible.

3. Airport security ratchets up

Tampa International and other airports beef up patrols and spot checks of vehicles in the wake of an attack at a Scottish airport and two foiled car bomb attacks in London.

WHAT IT MEANS: Travelers are advised to get to the airport earlier ... but the domestic threat level is not raised.

4. Congress tackles tourism deficit

A Senate committee approves creating a new agency to promote the United States as a tourist destination.

WHAT IT MEANS: Florida loves it. The state, which feeds off tourism as a $65-billion-a-year industry, is acutely aware the country never fully recovered from a post-Sept. 11, 2001, dropoff in foreign tourists.

5. IPhone is victim of its own success

Within days of the iPhone launch, complaints build over customer-service and activation delays.

WHAT IT MEANS: Apple, which has shifted the customer-service blame to its cell phone partner, AT&T, probably isn't too concerned. It sold more than a half-million phones during its opening weekend.