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Radio show of the day

Published July 13, 2007

Radio show of the day

Mike and the Mad Dog, the popular sports radio show out of New York, is coming to Tampa Bay airwaves on 1010-AM starting Monday. The show will be aired weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. The SportChix, which was on during drive time, goes from noon to 3. Al Keck, who had the early afternoon slot, said a radio show along with his duties at Ch. 28 were too much of a time commitment. His last radio show is today.

Business decision of the day

Sometimes hitting the wrong golf ball can cost you some dough. PGA member Chris Couch hit a Titleist ball at the Travelers Championship last month. One problem. He had a deal with Nike. The Swoosh found out and yanked its sponsorship, even taking Couch's irons on the practice range the day before the next tournament. In the first round of that tournament, Couch wore a Titleist cap, a Nike shirt, used Ping irons, a TaylorMade driver and a Titleist ball.

Point- Counterpoint

Coming out of the All-Star break, the Yankees, who are in town this weekend, were 10 games behind the rival Red Sox in the AL East. Can they catch them?

Three reasons why the Yankees can catch the Red Sox:

1. The schedule. Their first 28 games (plus a continuation of a suspended game) out of the break are against teams below .500. Plenty of makeup ground there.

2. The rotation. Their starting rotation is almost healthy and complete for the first time all season. When Philip Hughes returns in the next few weeks, they will finally have their full staff - and a formidable one at that.

3. They're the Yankees. They have Jeter. They have A-Rod. They have stars everywhere. They've made the playoffs every year since 1996. Why? Because they're the Yankees.

Three reasons why the Yankees cannot catch the Red Sox:

1. The schedule. Once this easy stretch is done, the Yankees' road gets tough again with eight games against the Tigers, three against the Angels (at Los Angeles, no less) and three against the Red Sox.

2. Too old. Can 38-year-old Mike Mussina, 35-year-old Andy Pettitte and soon-to-be-45-year-old Roger Clemens really hold up? Not only hold up, but pitch well? These guys probably would have to go a combined 30-15 down the stretch. That might be asking too much.

3. The Red Sox. The Yankees' hole already is too deep. And it doesn't appear as if the Red Sox are ever going to fold. Even injuries haven't slowed the Red Sox, and the scary part is David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez haven't even played their best ball yet.


Your two cents

Tony Dungy may be a great person but I disagree with the notion that he would have won a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. One minor obstacle stood in his way: You have to score points to win.

Some people claim Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl with Dungy's team. These people have selective memory. They remember the great defense he inherited but forget about the pathetic offense. In six playoff games under Dungy's tenure the Buccaneers only scored 48 points while Gruden's team put up 102 points in three playoff games. Also, don't forget that Dungy didn't suddenly become an offensive guru in Indianapolis; he inherited a sizzling offense.

Gruden also was handed an aging team with salary cap issues and no premium draft picks. Just wait, the cannons will be firing again this season!

David Eisenbart St. Petersburg