John Mayer is making all the right moves

By Sean Daly, Times Pop Music Critic
Published August 2, 2007

"Don't you just love John Mayer?"

I hear that a lot, and my answer is usually a smirky, snobby no. However, I'm not entirely sure why I have issues with the shaggy-haired musician, a 29-year-old guitar man who gives James Taylor a run for his touchy-feely sensitive-guy crown. I imagine my Mayer malaise is steeped in deep, furious jealousy. Because, after all, it's always cute girls who repeatedly ask me, "Don't you just love John Mayer?" These same girls spend very little time asking, "Don't you just love Sean Daly?"

Mayer also has the world on a string: smash singles (Your Body Is a Wonderland), hit albums (including 2006's Continuum), myriad Grammys, weekend trysts with Jessica Simpson and, most importantly, a blazing right hand that very often does a fine Eric Clapton impression. When Mayer plugs in his Strat, and abandons such wispy treacle as dumb hit Daughters, the dude can play. I hate him for that.

Recently, 46 fans at a Mayer concert in Hershey, Pa., were busted for underage drinking. And Mayer handled that with wry wit, saying, "First, to the 46 people accused of underage drinking; what were you thinking? You have your whole life to engage in underage drinking. What's the hurry? I didn't start underage drinking until I was 26. Underage drinking is not a function of age, but of style. And you kids are way too young to truly appreciate the nuances of true underage drinking."

That's very funny. And despite me laughing aloud, I now dislike John Mayer even more.

John Mayer, with Ben Folds, performs at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa. $29.50-$52.50. (813) 740-2446.