2C Rail

By Times Staff
Published August 5, 2007

Letter of the day

I've been a Rays' season ticket-holder since the beginning and I really enjoyed the game (July 29), especially walking out of The Trop listening to the Red Sox Nation fans complaining about the umps, their team, the Yankees, the Rays, the Dome, the artificial turf, the ushers, the out-of-town scoreboard, the hot dogs and each other. What a pathetic bunch of losers as the wheels seem to be coming off the bandwagon. They win one World Series in 90 years and they form a Red Sox Nation? ... I know one thing, it won't take the Rays 86 years to win a World Series!

Red McGarry , Redington Shores


Call of the day

Love him or hate him, after seeing Roger Clemens' new AT&T commercial, you have to give him credit. The commercial shows Clemens at a golf course talking to his wife on a cell phone. When he asks her if she would mind him playing for the Yankees one more year, the call drops and he can't hear her shouting "No" into the phone. Good stuff.


Stat of the day

For the past five years, the NFL's Hall of Fame Game has earned no lower than a 6.2 Nielsen rating. That means a little more than 9-million households tuned into the game. Tonight's game between the Saints and the Steelers is on the NFL Network, which is seen in less households. It will be interesting to see how low the ratings are for the game.