Whip out the No. 2s

Football practice begins Monday - we think Ridgewood's 7 a.m. start will officially kick things off - and we got to thinking ...and had trouble. What was it that exactly happened last year? Who won the SAC? River Ridge win a game? Did Land O'Lakes lose one? So we started studying up. ¶ Here is a little refresher quiz for you. The answers are after each question, because it kind of bugs us when they are at the end and upside down and all that. See how you do.

Published August 5, 2007

1 The newest football team in the county is not Sunlake or Wiregrass Ranch, as it turns out. It is:

A. Academy of the Lakes.

B. Academy of the Holy Names.

C. Academy on the River.

D. Academy at the Lakes

Answer: It's D, Academy at the Lakes. The 7-man champs from last year are taking a huuuuuge jump to the FHSAA Class A ranks. However, it is favored by seven points in the preseason opener against Academy on the River.


2) Which of these coaches returns to Pasco County's varsity sidelines this fall?

A. Dale Caparaso.

B. Ricky Thomas.

C. Jim Ceccarelli.

D. None of the above.

Answer: B. Thomas will coach his first varsity season since 2002 when he led Pasco, his alma mater, to the postseason. Caparaso was kicked out at Pasco. The Pirates put on a sweet celebration at Dade City's first Beef O'Brady's to welcome his replacement, longtime Wesley Chapel assistant Tom McHugh. And Ceccarelli resigned from Bishop McLaughlin hoping to catch some waves on the West Coast. He was replaced by Marty Williams.


3) That's a lot of new coaches. Who will be the angriest this week?

A. McHugh.

B. Thomas.

C. Sunlake coach Bill Browning.

D. Williams.

Answer: C, Browning. His team will practice at Pineview Middle School all week, the uniforms aren't in and his task - starting a varsity program from scratch - is the most daunting.


4) Which of the following teams has earned the most consecutive playoff appearances?

A. Zephyrhills.

B. Gulf.

C. Land O'Lakes.

D. Pasco.

Answer: C. The Gators bagged their 10th consecutive postseason trip after claiming Class 5A, District 5 in 2006. Zephyrhills is at two straight, and church bells rang all over New Port Richey when Gulf earned its first trip in school history last year.


5) Which football team won the 2006 Sunshine Athletic Conference title?

A. Land O'Lakes.

B. Wesley Chapel.

C. Mitchell.

D. Zephyrhills.

Answer: A. Our eyes bled watching the Gators clinch the title after a 40-7 victory at Gulf and by way of Ridgewood's victory against Zephyrhills). Looooongtime Gators coach John Benedetto said it was the worst game he had seen, topping the Gators' 3-0 win over Robert E. Lee High in 1906.


6) How many varsity football teams are in Pasco County?

A. 7

B. 9

C. 13

D. 14

Answer: C. The addition of Academy at the Lakes, Sunlake and Wiregrass brings the grand total of varsity teams to 13 in 2007. That's a lot of teams for a bureau with two writers, but presents a bunch of freelancing opportunities for aspiring high school journalists. So if you're interested, please call us at (813) 909-4619. Seriously.


7) What was that number again?

A. (813) 909-4619.

B. (813) 909-4619.

C. (813) 909-4619.

D. All of the above, or by e-mail at igould@sptimes.com.

Answer: D.


8) Which quarterback returns and might just be the best signal caller in the county in 2007.

A. Joe Weatherford, Land O'Lakes.

B. Tate Humphrey, Mitchell.

C. Sederrik Cunningham, Zephyrhills.

D. Alton Voss, Gulf.

Answer: B. Tate Humphrey, who should blow up this season, and we mean that in a good way. Humphrey will be challenged for county supremacy by Wesley Chapel's Greg Jenkins, who is darn good, and Hudson sophomore Zach Wynn. All those other guys are off to college.


9) Practice, Schmactice. When do the games start?

A. Aug. 24.

B. Aug. 31.

C. Schmactice isn't a word.

D. B and C.

Answer: D. The real first games are Aug. 31, but if you can't wait Aug. 24 presents a nice little slate of preseason classics to get the blood going.


10) If you were a football player, in Florida's notorious heat and unpredictable rain, starting Monday you would be:

A. Faking an illness.

B. Looking into a nice indoor sport like basketball.

C. Fired up! I've been waiting all summer!

D. Sobbing at the morning practice. Outright blubbering during the afternoon practice.

Answer: C. We mean, really.