Accord reached on addressing nuclear issues

Associated Press
Published August 22, 2007


Iran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog reached an agreement on a timetable to respond to questions over Tehran's controversial nuclear activities, both sides said Tuesday in Tehran. Although officials of Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency did not elaborate to the media, the agreement was expected to provide for easier inspection of Iran's nuclear facilities by the agency as well as urge Tehran to provide detailed answers on remaining questions over its nuclear activities. The United States criticized the pact and urged the United Nations to consider boosting sanctions on Iran.


Report describes rapes in Darfur

A U.N. report released Tuesday in Geneva describes gruesome new details about the rapes of dozens of Darfur women last year, saying they were sexually assaulted in front of each other, beaten with sticks and forced to cook and serve food to their attackers. Some of the victims became pregnant as a result of rapes, allegedly carried out by the Sudanese soldiers and allied militiamen, the report by the United Nations' top human rights office said. It accused the Sudanese government of failing to investigate.


Water, electricity return after quake

Basic water and power service returned to parts of Peru's quake-ravaged central coast Tuesday, as President Alan Garcia promised jobs and financial aid to survivors. Speaking in the fishing port of Pisco, where last week's magnitude 8 quake killed at least 540 people and destroyed 85 percent of homes, Garcia said half the city's electric-powered wells were now operational, along with all the wells in nearby Ica and Chincha.


China: Officials increased the pressure on the distraught families of 181 trapped miners Tuesday, deploying riot police, threats and money to silence their angry demands for answers to what caused the disaster. The miners were trapped by flooding on Friday.

North Korea: The reclusive country is opening up to widespread international aid to help recover from devastating floods, with a U.N. food agency announcing Tuesday it would start emergency feedings for thousands of disaster victims.