Today's Letters: Please be patient, for safety of all

Letters to the Editor
Published August 24, 2007

Re: Pat downs are just too much letter by Henry Berolzheimer, Aug. 22

Please be patient, for safety of all

Oh please, Mr. Berolzheimer. You think just because you are old you should be excused from airport inspections?

Great idea for the terrorists: "Hmm, get senior citizens to strap on those bombs. Americans never check them."

They check you because No. 1, the checks are usually random, and No. 2, they don't know you.

You sound like a very respectable American citizen who would never cause any harm, but does every employee of every airport know you personally?

I'm sure you must understand why our president and vice president do not require pat downs to get on Air Force 1. Come on!

I am a wife and mother and am never offended if I, my husband or any of our children are called aside for a pat down. In fact, because of the increased security in our airports today, we feel a little bit safer boarding an airplane.

Let's all try to be patient with these measures that are aimed to keep us all safe in this unsafe time.

A. Tripodis, Clearwater

Re: Pat downs are just too much letter by Henry Berolzheimer, Aug. 22

Security needs dose of sense

Henry has my sympathy and understanding. The airport inspectors need a course in common sense.

Every year we take Northwest Airline (which my son works for) to Minneapolis. Three years ago the airport inspectors required my wife to take off her shoes for inspection.

She had trouble bending over to put them on so a woman inspector helped her.

When I started laughing, she wanted to know why. I told her I was laughing about an 82-year-old woman who has a hard time getting out of a chair being "inspected."

As an 84-year-old World War II hero (I have the seven medals to prove it), I am required to take off my shoes when I go through the gate. They are nonmetallic "tennis shoes" and wouldn't set off the alarm.

Next week, we are going to Minneapolis so I think I will leave them on to see what will happen. Stay tuned!

Bert Hanson, Largo

Re: Despite legal advances, animal abuse continues guest column by Barbara Snow, Aug. 22

Keep an eye out against pet abuse

Nowadays, abuse and neglect of animals is a serious crime. Nevertheless, there are people who are not respecters of pets.

How many times have we picked up the newspaper and read about people who starved and beat their pets?

Violent, ruthless and uncaring people should never own pets. Only kind, good and tender-hearted folks should be pet owners.

We live in an ordered society in which the continuity of security for pets is the law. Criticism must be voiced against anyone who mistreats any animal and the police must be summoned when there is reprehensible human behavior directed against them.

We must mobilize and direct humane people and resources toward shelters that will protect and sustain all abused and homeless pets.

Robert B. Fleming, St. Petersburg