Today's Letters: On budget, the sheriff knows best

Letters to the Editor
Published August 24, 2007

On budget, the sheriff knows best

I was chagrined by the televised Board of County Commissioners review of the sheriff's budget. Commissioner Michael Cox appeared most tenacious and dogmatic in his attack of our Sheriff Bob White's proposal and explanations.

There was a clear attempt in my opinion to micromanage the budget by Cox. To the credit of Sheriff White, he has placed more uniform officers on our streets and replaced the desk jockeys with non-law enforcement employees. The reality still is that for every deputy on the street we need support staff in the office. Had Cox served in the military he would understand that for every infantry man on the line there are many times more logistical and support troops needed in the rear.

Cox wanted the sheriff to cut out his auto maintenance shop and have the patrol units serviced by the county maintenance pool. Great idea: Drop it off in an unsecured area and we will get to it after we repair the road department pickup. With the sheriff running the repairs, emergency vehicles get priority and are kept in a secure area.

The Human Resources department of the Sheriff's Office has a great deal of confidential information and special needs programs for the deputies and again this needs to be under the sheriff and not rolled into a county department. To hold the sheriff to a zero budget sounds good but who will pay the lawsuit when the health care cost of prisoners increases and there is no increase in his budget to cover it?

As the economy declines, crime will increase; thus, now is not the time to cut the sheriff's budget. With every 1,000 more people who move to Pasco, the commissioners get a raise and we taxpayers get to pay for that growth.

The tragic joke is that after all this turmoil over the budget my TRIM notice came and my great savings this year will be about $100. This is not worth the risk to life and property. Keep the status quo.

Hugh Townsend, New Port Richey

Shouldn't city be working for us?

Well, Port Richey, let's get the budget done and quit playing games.

From what I can tell, it looks like certain council members are trying to destroy the city from the inside out.

Judy Parisi, Port Richey

VFW didn't step up for widow

I am a recent widow of a veteran and yes I am appalled but yet not surprised at the way the rides for our veterans have been put on the back burner.

My husband was a life member of a VFW and very proud to be so. But the ironic part is the one place he thought would help his family if something were to happen to him was the first place to turn its back on them.

My husband was in the hospital for six months before he lost his battle with cancer and in that six months not one VFW member came to see him or even sent a card to him. Then upon his passing I had to turn for help at the funeral home to get him his proper veterans burial because the VFW wouldn't take the time or return my calls. I have yet to receive a sympathy card for my children and myself since the passing May 4.

So, pour yourself another round and sit on those bar stools and voice your opinion about everything wrong in the government today, but by no means think of your fellow veterans or their families out there needing help and transportation because as always it's easier to pass the buck to someone else.

Jamie Van Beek, Holiday

Little girls should look their age

I couldn't believe it but there it was on Page 5 of the Aug. 19 Hometown Pasco feature in the Pasco Times. If your photo of the little girls published in "Mini dancers, major talent" doesn't remind me of the JonBenet Ramsey incident and the abuse of underage children posing as sexy adult models or chorus girls, I don't know what would.

The St. Petersburg Times, Sell's Broadway Dance Company, as well as the parents of these young children should be ashamed of themselves.

Won't we ever learn that treating young children as adult "sex objects" will lead to nothing but trouble?

Robert Boose, New Port Richey