Where is the hiccup girl now? On NBC today

The 10th-grader's spasms have mostly subsided.

By MARY JANE PARK, Times Staff Writer
Published August 29, 2007

ST. PETERSBURG - She turned 16 in July and is back in school, starting 10th grade at Northeast High School last week.

But Jennifer Mee, the St. Petersburg teen whose nonstop hiccups generated international attention earlier this year, is still far from an average teen. Jennifer is in New York today for another interview on NBC's Today show as part of a "Where Are They Now?" update of popular stories from the past year, network spokeswoman Megan Kopf said.

Jennifer started hiccuping in class on Jan. 23 and became an international sensation as thousands of people offered suggestions to help her stop after her story appeared in the St. Petersburg Times. At one time, she was hiccuping 50 times a minute and couldn't attend school.

She tried all kinds of solutions, including consulting a chiropractor, acupuncturist and hypnotist. At one time, Jennifer took Valium to stop the hiccups long enough for her to sleep. She now takes only Prilosec, a medication used to treat acid reflux disease.

Jennifer still has occasional spasms, but they've mostly subsided, her mother, Rachel Robidoux, said.

"She had them Saturday for quite a while, but then they went away. Whether it's a half-day or a day, she still gets them now and then."

Some of the focus on Jennifer was positive, her family said, but she also was the object of vulgar and critical Internet postings.

She received another flurry of attention in mid June when she ran away from home, then returned safely more than day later.

The family is hoping to spend some quality time together during the trip to New York. NBC is paying travel and lodging expenses for Jennifer, her mother and stepfather Chris Robidoux.

"She's going to be out of school for a couple of days," Rachel Robidoux said. "She can get her makeup work done."