Party was bound to end badly

By Times Staff Writer
Published August 30, 2007


They were drinking in an abandoned house, a woman and two men, and things got sexual, and wouldn't you know it: complications. This account comes from a sheriff's deputy's incident report: About 8 p.m. Monday, Gerald Cerveny was having sex with Kristine Tyson, 37, who just happened to be Michael Sengstock's ex-girlfriend, and Sengstock was watching. How could anything go wrong? There are various accounts. One says Sengstock tried to give Cerveny some pointers, and Cerveny didn't appreciate it. Another says Sengstock picked up a board and made it clear he was about the give Cerveny a whipping. In any case, the report says, Cerveny grabbed a bottle and smashed it across the back of Sengstock's head, causing a cut that required several staples to close. Sengstock ran away and got a neighbor to call 911. Cerveny, 40, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. He was held Wednesday in lieu of $4,000 bail. There is a third possible motive for the attack, the report said: Cerveny suffered performance anxiety under the gaze of another man.