Today's Letters: Make sure sheriff gets needed funds

Published August 30, 2007

The people of Pasco County elected Bob White as their sheriff because they trusted his ability to serve them in this capacity. As a governing body accountable to these same people, the County Commission must allow the sheriff the necessary manpower and other resources to effectively carry out the duties of his office.

For many years, the county has been trying to entice big industry and generate tourism revenue, to little avail. A community's crime rate is a major determinant for its overall quality of life. The quality of life is a primary factor that most businesses weigh heavily before establishing themselves within a given community.

A highly visible presence of law enforcement and rapid response times can be very effective deterrents to criminal activity. A proactive approach to law enforcement is far more desirable than a reactive approach. The comparison cannot and should not ever be measured in economic terms. And there are certainly no absolute predictors of future criminal activity in a given locale. Do not be surprised, however, if there is a continuing and significant increase in property and violent crime in the future due largely to the depressed real estate market and general economic unrest.

I think it appropriate that before nixing the sheriff's budget request, each of the commissioners should do a few full shift "ride-alongs" throughout the county. They could then observe firsthand the extent of the backlogs and other stress that our deputies face daily.

Not at least making a serious effort to satisfy his request is setting another very dangerous precedent. One that is reflective of a great complacency, and an attitude that takes far too much for granted with respect to our public safety.

I strongly urge the County Commission to do what is prudent and necessary to make these funds available to our sheriff, unless they can genuinely deem his facts/figures to be frivolous or flawed.

Why is this even an issue?

Steve Davis, Port Richey

Deputies' actions pose questions Aug. 26 letter

Did writer have all the answers?

The letter writer may not have had all the facts when he complained of the deputy parked in the fire lane. Store security is not the all-knowing, all-powerful, Wizard of Oz that he may think.

The deputy may not have informed store security of his reason for being there and may not have lied, as he implied. The writer surmised that if a deputy could park in a fire zone, then it was okay to do the same. Couldn't he have moved to a parking space to search for his lost article?

As for the public safety official being rude, well that may have been the case, however, what does rudeness have to do with a person's weight? Get a grip, you're not entitled just because of someone else's actions.

Bruce Edgar,New Port Richey

Let's work to keep waterways clean Aug. 27 letter

Pasco beaches need cleaning up

I am in agreement with the letter writer regarding the cleanliness of Pasco beaches. Hudson Beach is a sewer pit and 15 years ago I ended up in the hospital due an infection from the parasites in the water. It is a shame to live five minutes away from a beautiful waterway and have to drive our friends and family south to Clearwater or north to the river to take a swim and have a picnic.

It has been this way for years and I don't understand why it can not be cleaned up. The best excuse I have heard yet was the "fecal matter from pets" explanation. That was pretty good.

I can not believe this matter has gone unresolved for so long. It is a shame and I for one will continue to go to Anclote Park. It is a drive but well worth it.

Dee Morva,Hudson

Buses should have seat belts

Why is it that seat belts are not required on buses? Is is not common sense?

If a bus carries 20 to 35 people and hits something, 20 to 35 people will be thrown or slammed frontward and then back and be left injured. Yet buses are not required to provide seat belts for those who wish to be spared the pain, lost wages and lift altering consequences of a transit system's ignorance.

A dear friend of mine is suffering. He lost wages and has been burdened with extensive medical bills and suffers daily with constant pain that keeps him from work, families activities and functions that the 30-year-old male should be able to do and was able to do prior to April 17.

This is not rocket science, it is common sense. If they are not required to offer seat belts, they should be liable for injuries.

Where is the high degree of care to passengers as required by federal law? Where is the all that human care and reasonable foresight can do under the circumstances to avoid harm to passengers? Even a cheap 20-cent rope would have prevented these injuries! This is common sense to even an uncautious person!

Sandra D. Justice, Largo

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