FDA approves new vaccine for smallpox

Associated Press
Published September 2, 2007


The approval of a new vaccine against smallpox was announced Saturday by the Food and Drug Administration, which says the shots could be made quickly if the virtually extinct virus reappears. The vaccine, ACAM2000, is intended to inoculate people at high risk of exposure to smallpox, a highly contagious disease. The FDA said the vaccine also could be used to protect individuals and populations during a bioterror attack. The vaccine is made using modern cell culture technology that would allow for speedy manufacturing if large quantities were needed quickly, said Dr. Jesse L. Goodman, director of FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. ACAM2000 is made by Acambis Inc. of Cambridge, England, and Cambridge, Mass. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already has stockpiled 192.5-million doses of the vaccine.


Hunter wins small Texas straw poll

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California won Texas' first Republican Party straw poll on Saturday in a low-turnout event that lacked the top-tier presidential candidates. Hunter got 534 votes, or 41 percent of the vote. Former Tennessee senator and actor Fred Thompson, who is expected to announce his candidacy this week but was not at the event, came in second with 266 votes, or nearly 21 percent. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas came in third with 217 votes, or 17 percent. The Texas straw poll is only for party activists; those casting ballots must have been a delegate or alternate to a recent GOP state or national convention. Texas GOP officials had said they expected 2,000 people to vote Saturday, but only 1,300 did.


Four tickets share $330M jackpot

Four winning tickets were sold for the estimated $330-million Mega Millions jackpot, one each in Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia, lottery officials said, but no one had come forward Saturday to claim a share. If estimates of the jackpot hold true, it would be the fourth largest in the lottery's history. According to preliminary calculations, each ticket would be worth about $82-million if the prize were taken in 26 annual payments. If taken as one lump sum, the payout would be $48,615,188. The odds that any ticket would match all five numbers - 8, 18, 22, 40 and 44 - and the Mega Ball number - 11 - drawn Friday night were one in 176-million. Mega Millions tickets are also sold in California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Washington.


Prosecutors ask totry three as adults

Prosecutors filed papers Friday to try as adults three teenage boys who are charged in the shooting deaths of three college students Aug. 4 in Newark. The names of the suspects have been withheld by authorities because of their age.