Ray's Tales

By MARC TOPKIN, Times Staff Writer
Published September 9, 2007

C Josh Paul's moustache sets him apart, yet also draws some interesting comparisons. He agreed - with a stiff upper lip - to discuss its origins and impact:

It just kinda grows. It grew from the insanity of nine weeks on the DL. ... It started as a tribute to ('70s porn star) John Holmes. Greg Norton is jealous. ... I get a lot of Earl (from NBC-TV's My Name is Earl). I get Anchorman (the Ron Burgundy character played by Will Ferrell). I get Ron Jeremy (an adult film star); everybody loves the Hedgehog - he gives the common man hope. ... I'm used to it now. It'll probably come off when I'm sick of it. I do this sort of stuff on a whim anyway. ... Of course, everyone hates it initially but after they look at it for a while they say, "Somehow it suits you." ... (Players) love it. Everybody gets a good laugh out of it. That's pretty much what it's there for - you do what you can to help the team. If it means growing semi-disgusting facial hair, so be it. ... If people are growing it because I am, they should really reconsider their value system. ... Tom Selleck? My major-league highlight reel is much better, but he looks way better. And he has a better moustache.