Let's go exploring in Largo together

By JOE CHILDS, Largo Times Managing Editor
Published September 25, 2007

Let's explore Largo. Together.

This Sunday, we will start taking you on some special trips.

We'll show you an eagle's nest in Largo. And where to stand to watch the majestic birds.

We will go to a rose garden in west Largo - one with more than 500 bushes.

We will show you a Largo neighborhood where hand-built miniature lighthouses are working yard lights.

We will show you an elaborate tree house that would be the envy of Tarzan.

We will take you to the best place in Largo to watch a sunset.

Show you where to find Largo's best key lime pie.

We're calling our new feature "Largo Explorer." It's one of several improvements we are making to the Largo Times.

We are revamping this local news section, adding much more Largo-specific community content to our existing city coverage.

Sunday the new Largo Times debuts. It will be tabloid size. To sustain our new community emphasis, we are changing the publication schedule. The new Largo Times will be in your paper on Sundays and Wednesdays.

We announced these changes on Sunday. This week, we are introducing some of our plans, some new features.

We are excited about Largo Explorer.

This Sunday, we take our first adventure. Here's a clue: It's a place where you can see hundreds of turtles.

- Joe Childs, Largo Times managing editor