Dateline Florida

By Times Wires
Published September 27, 2007

Four people snared in fish market sting

They had a tip that something fishy was going on at four Tampa fish markets. So the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched a four-month investigation, in which agents posed as wholesalers trying to sell illegal fish that were undersized or were from fresh water. Four people were arrested on four felony and 23 misdemeanor charges: Adam Carl Brooks, 43, owner of Little Fish Hut; Christa Cannon, 34, employee of the Friendly Fish Market; Wen Rong Bao, 68, manager of the MD Oriental Market; and Thinh Xuan Nguyen, 54, manger of Lien Hoa Oriental Market.

Tampa will be green, gold Friday for Bulls

Tampa is bullish on the 18th-ranked USF Bulls. In anticipation of Friday's football game against No. 5-ranked West Virginia, Mayor Pam Iorio has declared Friday Green and Gold Day. Iorio and USF athletic director Doug Woolard will be on hand for the hoisting of a banner on the side of City Hall at 10 a.m. Friday. And when the game is broadcast on ESPN2 that night, the 36-story SunTrust building will be lit in USF's colors of green and gold.

Snake was obviously fine with dirty cage

Working in a snake store has its hazards. Tony Cruz was bitten by a western diamondback rattlesnake as he cleaned a cage Wednesday at Strictly Reptiles in Davie. The 2 1/2-foot-long snake bit Cruz, 37, on his finger, which immediately swelled. The venom can cause uncontrollable bleeding. "It was already turning black and blue," shop owner Mike Van Nostrand told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Cruz was treated with six vials of antivenin and could receive up to 18 more.


Roshawn Norton, 17, charged with trafficking in cocaine, is not enrolled in a Hillsborough school. Because of incorrect information from the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office, his status was misstated Wednesday.