State wants property tax on ballot

By Times Staff Writer
Published September 27, 2007

TALLAHASSEE - Setting the stage for a high-stakes court battle, the state on Wednesday took the first step in appealing a judge's decision knocking the Legislature's proposed homestead exemption off the January ballot.

The appeal will be taken up by the First District Court of Appeals, though the state hopes the Florida Supreme Court will accept the case to expedite a resolution.

The state filed only a notice of appeal on Wednesday; the actual grounds for the challenge will be come later.

On Monday, Circuit Judge Charles A. Francis ruled that the ballot language misleads people into thinking they are preserving Save Our Homes, the 3 percent cap on annual property assessments.

In fact, if the amendment passes, anyone who buys a home will not get Save Our Homes, nor will current Florida homeowners who move. Only those who currently have Save Our could to keep it.