City discontinues recycling pickup of glass

By Times Staff Writer
Published September 30, 2007

Largo is making big changes to its recycling program. Starting tomorrow, the city will no longer pick up glass from curbside bins and instead will collect mixed paper. Glass can still be recycled at city drop-off centers. The change comes after a survey of about 1,000 residents. Most said mixed paper items, such as junk mail and magazines, made up the second largest part of their garbage, while glass made up the second smallest part. Cost also was a factor in the decision. While the city can recycle mixed paper locally, glass must be transported to Sarasota for recycling.

- What's mixed paper? Any clean, dry paper item that tears: junk mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, office paper, shredded paper, folders, wrapping paper, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls, phone books and paperbacks.

- The city will continue to collect aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard, newspapers and plastic bottles

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- What's not mixed paper? Wax-coated paper such as milk cartons will not be accepted for recycling

- Largo drop-off locations:

- Tri-City Plaza, U.S. 19 N at East Bay Drive

- Starkey Road Recycling Center, 1551 Starkey Road

- To request a curbside bin in Largo, call the city at 587-6760.

- For more information, contact recycling coordinator Brenna Barrett at 586-7424 or log onto largorecycles.com.

- For general recycling info check out Pinellas County utilities recycling guide at pinellascounty.org/utilities/getridofit