Share your story: George Feaster, 70

By Times Staff Writer
Published September 30, 2007

I'm George Feaster and I moved here in 1956, about the time that Largo was ready to really take off again.

I came here to join Carl Brouchard to help establish the funeral home off Clearwater Largo Road in the old Alex White building, our home there at 557 Clearwater-Largo Road. I stayed in Largo and watched the rapid development that came about at that time until 1963, when I decided it was time for me to start my own funeral home. So I talked with (former Largo mayor) Torben Madson and the McMullen family down on First Avenue and was able to obtain that property there to start, in January 1964, the Feaster Memorial Homes, 206 First Avenue SW.

Across the street was a very interesting building. It was there when I moved there. It was the original bank in Largo, which was started in 1905. Later, it became the Pinellas County Bank. In the early 1920s, it was closed. It reopened again in the early 1950s by John Jenkins. He came to town and called it Pinellas Central Bank.

By that time, it was owned by the Star Lodge, the Masonic lodge, which met upstairs. They continued at that building until the late 1970s when the city bought the property for $10,000. Has a lot of history, that corner right there that was darn near in the center of Largo, and a lot of us hated to see it go down. Fortunately, the iron gates on the windows and by the vaults have been maintained.

In 1984, to commemorate the banks that had been in this county, another Largo group opened a bank and we called it Pinellas Community Bank. That bank existed until 2004 when it was purchased by the Colonial Bank group.

So that's a little history of the bank in Largo. Thank you very much.

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George Feaster

- Served as president of the Largo Chamber of Commerce, the Largo Lions Club and the West Central Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

- Consultant for Moss-Feaster Funeral Homes.

- Helped raise money to build the Cultural Center and the library.

- Brother of late Largo Mayor Thom Feaster.